April 25, 2005

Pinch Hitting

Howdy munuvians and other interested parties. We've had a call from the dugout and I am going to pinch hit for Leila. I assure you that this was not a coup d'etat and that Leila will be let out of her underground holding cell very soon.

As with many bloggers, comedians and drunks, I tend to look at life a bit cockeyed. So bear with me; if need be, I will issue decoder rings so you can translate my observations.

I recently submitted an application to Jimmy Kimmel Live. They announced on their website that they want to hire someone to watch television. I never knew that anyone was foolish enough to pay for a person to sit on his butt and watch tv, but I've been doing it for nothing for so long so I thought I'd cash in.

I spent a lot of time with the television on, as I sit at my computer. I surf, I read countless newsletters, blogs and emails. I visit a lot of sites and have found that I am not the only person on the planet with too much free time. For example, today I visited Flickr, it's essentially a site full of photos and blogs and such. Today's mission...the transparent monitor.

What these people did, was to remove their monitor and snap a picture of the scene behind it. Then they carefully placed that photo as their wallpaper on the monitor, thus creating, you guessed it, the transparent monitor. Some of them had these beautiful views out a window, however I have a wall behind the monitor. I can't imagine having a glorious vista out the window and saying to yourself, "here's a perfect place to put a big ugly monitor".

If this blog was a Bugs Bunny cartoon, this is the time when that pig would show up and stammer through, "that's all folks", however in this PC world, I won't exploit a pig.

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