February 03, 2005

psst What Ted Said...

A blank page. This is just stupid, Leila.

You begged me for a blog and I got you one. Pixy Misa was more than gracious and *tada!* you have a frickin' blog -- just like you wanted.

I feel like I wanna scream that you have some 600 acres to romp around in... at least walk around on one of 'em!

I know, I know... You're wary of being "out there" and spilling yer guts to a bunch of strangers who know nothing about you. That's why I told you try Blogsnot first. But, no, you wanted a coool blog. THIS. IS. YOUR. COOOL. BLOG. It's something else, though. It's also a waste of Pixy's bandwidth.

Either shit or get off the pot. If you want to spill yer guts to me and Curtsy, and just leave it at that, then fine. We love you. But, if you can't bring yourself to post something/anything/ever here then let's just put an end to this misbegotten blog.

Nobody cares how many posts-in-progress you have on yer hard-drive. Here is where they're supposed to be!


No more of this "Getting Started" rot, Dragotsenyi. I'm gonna ask Pixy to delete this blog from the blogroll very soonly if you don't assure me that you still really want to do this.



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