December 11, 2004

Getting started

Like that first blob of paint on a clean, white canvas, so are my first words on this blank, new blog. Winter SongsÖ
Iíve followed sporadically the blog of Tuning Spork. Iíve never been one to immerse myself in the blogging world but I can see the sense of community and certainly appreciate a place to spew thoughts, ideas, quandaries and complaints. Itís a place to put down my history, as unbelievable as it may be, to be cataloged for immortality in the minds of curious internet perusers.
I am going to let this little spot of mine evolve into whatever it tells me it wants to be. I will probably start with a few main themes and see where it goes. My social life can be a blog of itís own. Then there is my family, which also could be enough to fill the World Wide Web as well as astound the psychology community. It wouldnít surprise me if I were featured in the next issue of Psychology Today as the worldís most dysfunctional functioning family. Religion could take up some space as well as Politics although less so on the latter. I may want to lump that all together under the main sociology heading. I have my views and beliefs and Iím just going to bet they are different from yours. Iím sure as I go along, I will find issues and causes to scream about. Iím sure I can find a way to throw in something about cooking, a passion of mine, as well as art and music.
Really, this sounds like fun. I canít wait to dig in!

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December 10, 2004

Test Post

YAY!! :D

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