June 22, 2005

Thank You

Hello Uncle Blather and the rest of the kiddies in blog land. I seem to have outlived the creeping’ crud at the hospital, and am back home again. Before I begin to type in my notes from the stay, I must do one very important thing.

“THANK YOU” to everyone who look from 1 minute to several hours of their day to see how I was doing. Sure, you all say such gleaming, wonderful things and I am supposed to be filled by them; and I am. However, this relationship can not be so one-sided. So to those of you…know that I was honored, gratified and felt oodles of love from your care, if will always be a part of my living day, and I will always be there for you.

And from my journal:

I’ve been trying to understand and accept the care that I have been receiving. The doctor’s and staff do it because it is their jobs and they have a certain commodity to live up to. Too many dead patients would probability effect their pay.

The people I mean are the friends and family members who have made it a point to be so kind to me. When someone called, I was overwhelmed. It is an amazing thing for someone to give up some of their day to just place a call and sat how much they care; Extraordinary.

Other’s having taken a step further and have made the trek to the hospital and actually visited. I understand a call, we all carry phones now, and people honestly mean to visit, or they hope they can somehow follow what spills from their tongues. So those of you who said you were going to come over, I thanked, heartily for the call, never expecting for there to be more. Making their trip over and up is so far above my understanding that I am often left to thank God for his love as shown through the sweetness of these actions.

So here and now, thank you to everyone about to be listed. You called, wrote, visited, called several times or in some way showed me a kindness that I will never forget:

Felice, Adam, David & Katherine, Mike, Gordon, Suzi, Jane, Sue, Roseanne, Liz, Rory, Lorraine, Janet, Claudia, Nancy, Arthur, Josh, Dan, as well as my cousins Robert, Sheryl, Jerry and Aunt Mildred.

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